Table Servants – Acts 6

English: page of the Acts of the Apostles from...

English: page of the Acts of the Apostles from the last edition of the bible originally translated by Johann Dietenberger, published in Augsburg 1776 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the phenomenal growth that the church had experienced, had become a double-edged sword, where the apostles were concerned. Growth and the salvation of men and women was indeed what they were commanded to achieve by The Lord Himself.  But such great success in doing so in such a short time had resulted in numbers of people who had inevitably had problems and special needs. And in such large numbers, managing those needs had become an impossible task for the twelve who had been “called out” as messengers.

So they told the disciples to pick out seven men ” of good repute, full of the Spirit and wisdom” for them to appoint. Today, we refer to these men as deacons in the church.  The word deacon comes from a Greek word for servant, and that is exactly what they do — they serve the church. They are not elected, neither are they “officials” of the church. Their role is a direct reflection of Jesus’ command to the apostles to serve, which he gave them in John 13:1-17 (the washing of their feet).

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