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Some Favorite Links

 Pressing On – a Christian e-magazine

Less than a buck a month by subscription, and I LOVE it!

Site description: “the e-magazine for growing Christians”

This e-magazine was started in  2011, and features articles each month by great preachers from all over.  Other than the Bible, for Christian reading it doesn’t get any better than this.  They have it in any format you need for an eReader, iPhone or iPad, Android, or your PC.  And if you get the Kindle version, you have the option to have it delivered to your Kindle automatically each month! From the time that I was a kid until he passed away a couple of years ago, Dad always kept tracts and copies of articles from publications like “The Two-Edged Sword,” and others that still proclaimed the truth on his coffee table – and kept them handy to place in someones hands to read (marked with his notes, of course), in case they needed a little “nudge.”  I had been searching for some “scripturally sound” hard-copy subscriptions for me (not much out there any more) when I found “Pressing on.”  Dad would have approved.

Ferrell’s Travel Blog – Ferrell Jenkins

Site description: “Commenting on biblical studies, archaeology, travel and photography”

A former professor at Florida College, Brother Jenkins has taken a lot of pictures in his travels to various places we read about in the bible, and posts very interesting articles and great pictures, usually several times per month.  You can subscribe to his blog for free, and will be amazed at what you get to see and learn about as well.   Brother Jenkins hosts a couple of other sites with great resources for study at Biblical Studies Info Page and BibleWorld.

Apologetics Press – Website of Apologetics Press

Site description: “For more than 30 years Apologetics Press has published and disseminated materials for self-study, group study, or evangelistic purposes. Topics range from evidences supporting the Christian Faith to highly controversial areas that challenge that Faith. Every two years we prepare a catalog of A.P. publications”

A wealth of information in the area of Apologetics (somewhat a passion of mine). I have listened to hours of their audio, and read literally hundreds of lines of articles their authors have written, and the information is good.  So far, I have not found anything that I would point to as being scripturally unsound, and that is rare in Apologetics, unfortunately.  I highly recommend this site for those interested in the subject, or if you have tough questions from skeptics.  They do produce a couple of magazines (Reason and Revelation, and Discovery Magazine) that you can subscribe to.  I have not seen any support for Kindle or other eReaders there yet, but PDF download is available or you can get a print subscription.  They have other multimedia offerings that are pretty good, but have gone through a couple of transitions that I have not kept up with.  Apparently, I downloaded all of their audio only lectures a couple of years ago, and I have not seen any new ones, but have not looked thoroughly since their last site re-design.  If you come across recent additions, let me know.

Expository Files  – an electronic journal

Absolutely free, and great reading!

Site description: “…a monthly electronic journal, edited by Warren E. Berkley & Jon W. Quinn, dedicated to the faithful exposition of Scripture. Our journal’s history began in 1994. Our writers seek to present helpful truths on selected Bible texts. Each one believes that all Scripture is inspired by God. Though most of the writing is expository in nature, some articles deal with special issues and topics.” Blog – Todd Bolen’s Blog

News and analysis related to Biblical geography, history, and archaeology.

YouVersion – Bible App for PC, iPhone, Android, etc.

This has become one of my favorite bible apps.  It has all of the bible versions I use available to download for offline reading (great for when I have no wireless connection on my tablet, or my iPhone can’t get a signal).  And when I post (or copy and paste) my notes in a passage in one version, those same notes are in the passage’s context no matter which Bible version I want to read from – and they synch on ALL my devices!  The Android tablet version is lightning fast for jumping from one chapter and verse to another during church.  Probably would be the same interface for iPad or iPad 2.  Best of all, it’s free.  You can get the Android version from Market ( is sometimes in the name instead of You Version) or iTunes store for Apple geeks.  The only thing I don’t like is that the notes can’t be downloaded for use when you are offline (may get fixed in a later version).

/Bob’s boy

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