The New Jerusalem – Rev 20-21

Chapter twenty contains the “thousand years” that is fodder for the views of the per-millennialists, who preach that Jesus will actually come back physically before judgement day to reign on earth for a thousand years because he failed somehow in his first mission. Such a view ignores so much of what is taught in scripture, that one hardly knows where to begin. The death burial and resurrection were a complete success and all part of God’s plan of salvation.

Also, note that the chapter makes no mention whatsoever about a second coming, a literal throne of David, or a resurrection. His resurrection already happened! The thousand years is no more literal than the headless souls in the first few verses. The time period might represent the limited power Satan has enjoyed since the completion of that which is perfect (1 Cor 13:10).

Chapter 21 describes a new heaven and a new earth – the new Jerusalem, and it is not difficult to understand what it describes. it is clearly heaven. It is not a literal description, of course. But it does describe a place of enormity and beauty beyond imagination.

/Bob’s boy

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