On Copyrights

God owns the copyright for the Scriptures. Anchor Firm Publishing claims the copyright for all original publication on this site. If you find anything else of value in these pages that you wish to share with others, please tell your readers where you got it, give us a link, a “like”, a Facebook plug, a kudo, maybe even a brotherly or sisterly hug.

But please use caution, care, and appropriateness – especially where any graphics or attributions to the work of others are concerned.  Many people work very hard to tirelessly further the work of the Lord, and we try to be oh so careful to be sensitive to that.  The laborer is worthy of his wages (1 Timothy 5:18).  Plagiarism is not just inconsiderate – it is wrong.  Would God approve of us doing it in His name?

/Bob’s boy

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