Needing a Solution from the Lord – Acts 6

International Hellenist Of Mystery

International Hellenist Of Mystery (Photo credit: Mike_tn)

As we mentioned before, the Lord’s church was exploding in numbers in those days. We are talking about thousands in numbers. And it was not like it is today. There was not a Northside congregation, a Southside congregation, and on and on. They were unified, and when you get that many people together (even of one mind), problems develop. It is an inevitable fact.

Verse one tells us that a complaint came up by the Hellenists. This is what they called Greek-speaking Jews. The complaint was that their widows were being neglected in the daily distribution.  Acts 4:32-37 tells had they had everything in common, and everyone was working together to help those among them who were in need. But the numbers had just become too large. The church had an internal administrative problem on its hands.

So in verse 2, we are told that the apostles summoned “the full number” of disciples, and they told them that “It is not right that we should give up preaching the word of God to serve tables.” The apostles needed to be about the work of preaching Christ crucified, but they recognized that there were other matters to be dealt with. So it was up to them to provide a solution. It was a solution that fit the model of the church so well because it came from the Holy Spirit. And it still works today.

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