Rehoboam Secures His Kingdom – 1 Chronicles 11

Rehoboam - Abijah ( )

Rehoboam – Abijah ( ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rehoboam went to Jerusalem to gather warriors (180,000) to attack Israel and restore it to his kingdom. But God sent His prophet, Shemaiah, to stop him, saying that God does not want them to attack their brothers. So Rehoboam went home. But then, he began to secure the kingdom that he had.

As Jeroboam installed his own non-Levitical priests to assist in worship to the golden calves he had created and the idols in the high places, the priests made their way to Judah, and those who had “set their hearts to seek the Lord God of Israel” followed them there. The chronicler tells us that for 3 years hence they helped make Judah strong by walking in the way of David and Solomon.

Meanwhile, Rehoboam made the cities everywhere strongholds of defense. These fortified cities were well armed, and they would be able to resist attack from outside. Rehobaom knew that doing so would be a deterrent against the kingdom of Israel, as well as any other kingdoms that might threaten them,

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