Doing the Lord’s work – Acts 4

English: folio 11 recto of the codex with the ...

English: folio 11 recto of the codex with the beginning of the Acts of the Apostles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Verses 32-37 detail a time and spirit of unity and of purpose that I dare say has not been equaled. The early Christians depicted here were many, and they were all of one mind – that of the good news of Jesus Christ, and of love for each other. Luke tells us that there was not a needy person among them. Those who were of some means sold possessions, including land and houses they owned, and “laid the money at the apostles feet” so that it could be distributed for the Lord’s work.

Notice that the scripture does not say that they sold all that they had. Barnabas, for example, sold a field. nobody was expected to divest themselves of all their earthly possessions. Where would the logic be in helping the needy by becoming needy yourself? That would not help the church. The point that was being made here by Luke is that everyone was indeed of one mind and unified in service to the Lord, and to each other — just as Jesus had commanded — while the apostles preached Jesus Christ crucified to the world at large.

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