Luke 24 – On the Road to Emmaus

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(Note: for a summary of the events of this chapter from the resurrection at dawn to Jesus’ first appearances to Mary Magdalene and the other women, please see post at this link.  After the resurrection, Jesus – as He had told the disciples in Matthew 26:32 that He would meet them there – would be with them at the Sea of Galilee, and at a mountain there that He directs them to.  But several other events occur before and after this, the details of which are interspersed throughout the gospels in Matthew 28 and John 20.  And events in a single chapter are in some cases separated by days, and even weeks, as Jesus remained for forty days before the ascension.)

El Kubeibeh, also spelled el-Qubeibeh, is the most likely, of the four traditional sites, as the site of Bible-time Emmaus, on the road to which Jesus appeared to Cleopas…

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