Solomon’s Blessing – 2 Chronicles 6

English: image of Solomon and the covenant of ...

English: image of Solomon and the covenant of the ark, painted in 1747 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In chapter 6, the temple has been built, the ark of the covenant has been moved in, and now it is time for Solomon to dedicate it and offer his prayer to God. This was covered also in 1 Kings 8:12-50, but here in a post-exillic message, the Chronicler is less focused on the history of Moses and the Exodus and more so on the Davidic covenant.

The temple was a huge part of life for those who had remembrances of how things were before exile, and those whose relatives had passed that knowledge of that life. It was a representation of their heritage therefore, and it mattered a great deal – especially now that it was lost. The chronicler does a good job with delivering the message of the day in question. Solomon’s prayer is eloquent, and exceedingly respectful. He acknowledges that no structure made by man can contain God.

Still, the dedication ends with Solomon inviting God to come and dwell in the Temple.

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