Acts 3 – Peter Speaks in Solomon’s Portico


As chapter 3 begins, we know that the Apostles had already been working miracles (Acts 2:43).  Now as Peter and John were going to the Temple, a man who had been lame from birth was carried to the gate of the Temple that was called the “Beautiful Gate,” where he was placed with enough regularity (daily) that he was familiar to the other people who came to the Temple (verse 10).  Looking to Peter and John, the man was asking for alms (gifts of charity), but instead Peter lifts him up and heals him in Jesus’ name.  The sight of the man “clinging” to Peter and John, leaping and praising God, quickly drew another multitude of people from all over.  And verse 10 says “they were filled with wonder and amazement,” as they recognized the man who had always been lame.

This model shows how Solomon's Porch, the eastern part of the Temple wall, may have looked in the time of Jesus.

This model shows how Solomon’s Porch, the eastern part of the Temple wall, may have looked in the time of Jesus.

Solomon’s Portico, according to the historian Josephus (Antiquities 20:9, section 7), was a portion of the Temple that still remained from Solomon’s time when Herod built the current Temple.  It was in this colonnade where Jesus had nearly been arrested during the Feast of Dedication (John 10:22-23), as He told the Jews that He was indeed the Son of God.  Here, Peter addresses this host of people, asking first why they are staring as if he and John had made the man walk by their own power.  He then repeats that they had “killed the Author of life, whom God raised from the dead” (verse 15), and that God had foretold it by all of His prophets.

The message is again to repent (verse 19).  In verse 13, Peter ties Jesus to the promises made to Abraham; and in verses 22 and following, he refers to the prophecies of Moses (Deuteronomy 18:15), Samuel, and all the prophets who came after them.  In verse 26, Peter saying “God, having raised up his servant, sent him to you first…,” as he alludes to the Great Commission.

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  1. FYI; The picture you are showing is of the Royal Portico, not Solomon’s. Solomon’s Portico is the low colonnade along the eastern wall of the temple mount. The Royal Portico which you show runs along the Southern wall of the temple mount and sits above the Huldah Gates.

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