1 Kings 1 – Solomon Anointed King

David had become old and could not get warm, so his servants provide a beautiful girl named Abishag to keep him warm.  The scripture says that he was only “of service” to him for that purpose, and attending to him (verse 4).  But she will become important later because of this service anyway.

David’s son Adonijah was the next one born after Absalom (verse 6), and must have supposed that entitled him to succeed David.   Verse 5 says that he “exalted himself, saying ‘I will be king.'”  Much different from the humble manner in which David patiently waited – all the time showing respect for “the Lord’s anointed,” Saul.   And the chariots and horsemen, as well as men to run before him, remind us very much of Absalom.  Verse 6 says that David never questioned or rebuked him, which is unfortunately consistent with his negligence as a father (2 Samuel 13:21-22, for example).  In verses 9-10, Adonijah only invited royal officials to his feast and sacrificing ceremony – carefully excluding David’s “mighty men” and his brother, Solomon.

The Anointing of Solomon by Cornelis de Vos. A...

The Anointing of Solomon by Cornelis de Vos. According to 1 Kings 1:39, Solomon was anointed by Zadok. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nathan has enough of this, and talks to Bathsheba.  One at a time, they let him know that Adonijah has done this under his very nose, even though David had already determined that Solomon would be king.  So they challenged him to do something about it.  David finally takes action and has Solomon anointed as king, giving explicit instructions on parading him on David’s own mule with much fanfare (verses 32-35).

When Solomon shows up announced, the guests scattered, leaving Adonijah (verse 49).  At this point they were guilty of treason without question.  The matter is settled though, and Solomon showed forgiveness and mercy – but strength as well, with a warning accompanying the forgiving gesture in verse 52.

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