Genesis 19 – God Rescues Lot and Destroys Sodom

Genesis 19

Genesis 19 begins with “the two angels” coming to Sodom. Are these the two that were with the Lord when he visited Abraham in chapter 18? That seems likely. The Lord certainly would not go into the presence of such sin. Notice the depravity of the men who surround Lot’s home seeking to sexually assault the visitors. Even when stuck blind, they are still groping for the door. Lot offers his own daughters to them in an effort to appease them! This great fatherhood he is sowing will reap its reward.

Note how patient God is with Lot, granting his request to go to another city after being told to flee to the hills – and he is practically dragged out to safety before the destruction starts. The fact that nobody listened to Lot when he tried to convince them probably says as much about the kind of life he led as does the fact that he was living right in the middle of all the wickedness.

After all is done, Lot doesn’t even trust the Lord enough to remain in the city he fled to, but takes his daughters and lives in a cave.  Then they turn his sin back on him when they realize their hope of bearing children is probably gone. They get him drunk, and end up bearing his children, who explain the origin of the Moabites and the Ammonites (vv 37-38).

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