Job 41 – Who Can Stand Before Me?

Like in Chapter 40, this chapter spends much time (almost all of it) on the description of a majestic, but fearsome, creature. As God begins speaking of this magnificent creature and his fearsome power, He points out that even the most fearsome of men cannot do battle with this “Leviathin,” so “who then is he who can stand before me?” A fair question, since God created this creature.

Australian Bombardier Beetle (Pheropsophus ver...

Australian Bombardier Beetle (Pheropsophus verticalis) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obviously from the description a sea creature, this Leviathin is the subject of much skepticism. Certainly, any such beast is long since extinct, but many say that no beast or dinosaur ever breathed fire. Among other counters to this position, is the reminder of the Bombardier Beetle that has the unusual defense mechanism of emitting a hot, noxious, and painful chemical as a gas at temperatures reaching that of the boiling point of water. Rather than spend much time on the subject, we would prefer to refer you two excellent articles on the subject of Leviathin here and here from Apologetics Press. There is much we do not know about extinct dinosaurs – the “dragons” of old.

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