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Want to get “caught up” on the Bible reading schedule this blog is following?

Usually, what derails someone’s bible reading plans is that life keeps happening, and maybe we have not instilled Bible reading into our lives as the habit it needs to become.  Then before we know it, we are so far behind that reading all that we have missed to get to where the plan’s schedule says we should be is just too overwhelming to even consider.   When that happens, we tend to just say well maybe next year… – then the bible stays on the shelf until we go to church.  There is a better answer.

With most bible reading plans, the answer is – just jump in where you are! The only thing that matters is that you are reading God’s word regularly.  While that is still true with this schedule, our goal with this one is to get a better understanding of the entire story of the bible.  There is no substitute for reading God’s word.  But, if we miss a long part of a story, it is hard to know what will get us “up to speed”.  I will try to help you a bit with that on this page  by keeping a summary through the beginning of the previous week to help you do some catch-up that won’t seem so over-whelming.  The point is don’t let yourself get discouraged and quit!  Feeding yourself regularly with God’s word is what matters.

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These summaries are PDF files and require Adobe Reader.  To download one of the summaries, right-click the desired link below and choose “save target as” or “save link as” – whatever applies to your browser type.

Note: These summaries will be discontinued in February 2013, as it is viewed that the time used to prepare them will be better spent doing other things.  They will be available on request

2013 Summaries



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