Seven Angels & Seven Trumpets – Rev 8-9

Chapters 8-9 have the seven angels with seven trumpets, who unleash plagues of magnificent destruction when they blow their horns. Some equate each of these events to things that after during and after the destruction of Jerusalem. naturally, all sorts of disasters through the centuries have been attributed to  the “prophecies” of these trumpet-initiated events. However you interpret them, it is highly unlikely that the 1st century Christians would have benefited from being warned of some disaster or catastrophic war in the 15th century – or in the 21st, for that matter.

One thing seems quite significant, as pointed out by the late Burton Coffman. Chapter 7 seems to clearly point to the the time when the God’s faithful reach heaven. Then in the verse of chapter eight, the seventh seal is opened and there is silence in heaven for a half hour. No other explanation from the opening of this seal is given, but rather the narrative moves to the seven angels. The significance is clear. There will be no disclosure of what happens next in heaven. And all that follows in this great book is simply more about the events that lead up to that final judgment. Understanding this, Coffman says, is essential to understanding the chapters that follow.

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