Boasting – 2 Cor 11

In the beginning of chapter 11, Paul likens the church at Corinth to a bride to Jesus — just as the church itself has been spoken of elsewhere. He says that he “betrothed” them to Jesus, and then compares the serpent’s deception of Eve to the deception they are under-going at the hands of false teachers.

He also finds himself once again defending his apostleship. It seems that some were suggesting that the fact that he did not accept wages for his work with them when he had been there was an indication that he was not worthy of such wages. Paul made his own may, so as not to be a burden to the young congregation. He then gives a scathing rebuke to those who tried to present themselves as apostles, while denying that Paul himself was one. He tells them at the end of the chapter that those who boast in such a manner do so for the wrong reasons. He says that he will boast of the things that show his weakness. It is Jesus who is the one that deserves the glory.


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