Paul Speaks About Caring for the Souls of Others – 1 Cor 8-9

Chapter 8 has Paul dealing with the subject of meat that has been offered to idols. This would have been a common practice in Corinth at that time. Paul makes a point to emphasize that they, as Christians, know that idols are not representative of anything that really exists, and that they serve the one true God and the Lord Jesus Christ. So they do no sin by eating meat that has been offered to idols. But if someone who is weak and lacks knowledge sees them doing so, they may be caused to stumble. The lesson is clear to us also that we must take care. There may be things we do that are not sinful, but if they seem sinful to someone else, we must be sensitive to how our example might represent (to them) an excuse for sinful behavior on their part.

In chapter 9, Paul basically tells the Corinth brethren that he gives up his “right” to support by them. Those who proclaim the Gospel have the right to be supported for that work, just as any laborer. But Paul does not want that support to be a source of strife within the congregation, particularly in light of those who already are causing strife.

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