Qualifications for Deacons and Overseers – 1 Timothy 3

In the third chapter of Paul’s first letter to his young charge, Paul talks about the qualities that should be found in men who serve as elders and deacons. Referring to them here as overseers, Paul says that elders should be the husband of one wife, above reproach, hospitable, and (among other things) able to manage his household well. Otherwise, he says, how can they be expected to care for God’s church?

Painting of a Russian Orthodox deacon leading ...

Painting of a Russian Orthodox deacon leading an ektenia (litany). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The qualities he lists for deacons are very similar, and notice that how their wives conduct themselves is judged to be important as well. The role of women in the Lord’s church is not one to be taken lightly; and it is (unfortunately) often under-valued by men and women alike. In the case of the wives of deacons and elders, one can see that in a well-functioning congregation, these women play a critical role in assuring the instruction of the young, caring for men and women of all ages, and instructing and leading young women in their walk with the Lord. Indeed, it is a fact that the Lord’s church could not function properly at all without the aid of godly women.

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