The Day of the Lord – 1 Thess 4-5

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Paul begins chapter four, encouraging them to keep themselves holy, and to abstain from the sexual immorality with which he knew they were surrounded. In the midst of their persecution, he encouraged them to keep busy working with their hands and “to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs.” This admonishment was no doubt to keep them from drawing further persecution to themselves. The next few verses suggest that the Thessalonians were distressed about those who of their number who had died (possibly because of false teaching about the dead). He reassured them that those who were “asleep” had not perished, but would rise first when the Lord returns.

He closes this first letter by telling them that although they will have no sign of the Lord’s coming (He will come like a thief in the night), that they will not be in darkness because they are children of the light. They are to keep themselves holy and be vigilant, sober, loving, and faithful. He tells them to encourage those who work, to admonish the idle, and to do good to everyone.

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