The Conceptions of Jesus and John the Baptist – Luke 1

The Book of Luke s addressed to “Theophilus,” who most scholars believe was a Gentile; and he certainly has a Greek name. Not much is known about him, but from Luke’s way of addressing him here and in the Book of Acts, he seems to be someone of nobility or in some higher office.

English: Nativity of John Baptist, 15 c, Hermi...

English: Nativity of John Baptist, 15 c, Hermitage/ Рождество Иоанна Предтечи (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Verses 5-24 deal with the foretelling and conception of John the baptist. It is the only one of the gospels that gives us that information. Verses 26-38 document the appearance of the angel Gabriel to Mary, telling her of the coming birth of her son, Jesus.

Mary is also told by Gabriel of the conception of her cousin Elizabeth’s son (John the baptist). In verses 39-45, Mary visits Elizabeth, and when she comes close with her baby in the womb, the baby in Elizabeth’s womb is said to “leap with joy.” Such a detail is not told to us frivolously, and the implication is undeniable for Christians. The baby in the womb is a person — not just tissue.

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