Josiah Reign Ends – 2 Chronicles 35

Chapter 35 is somewhat puzzling because we do not have all of the answers we might wish to have about it. It begins with Josiah keeping the Passover. And this time it was done so that the scripture says that there had not been one like it since the days of Samuel. But then Pharaoh Neco came up from Egypt to fight at Carchemish on the Euphrates. Josiah went out to meet him, but Neco sent envoys to meet him, telling him that he had no quarrel with him.  He told Josiah that he had been sent by God to hurry, and that if he interfered, he would be destroyed.

But Josiah didn’t listen, and he disguised himself and went in to fight. He was shot by Neco’s archers. Badly wounded, he was carried out by chariot to Jerusalem, where he died. And so ends the reign of one of the best kings Judah had seen. Why was Neco sent by God? A mystery we cannot know.


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