Paul Before Felix – Acts 24

Antonius Felix was the Roman procurator of Iud...

Antonius Felix was the Roman procurator of Iudaea Province 52-58, in succession to Ventidius Cumanus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having been escorted to Caesarea on the order of Lysias, the Roman tribune, Paul finally appears before Felix after Ananias and the rest of his accusers arrive. Not much is known about the “spokesman,” Tertullus. Some suppose that he may have been a both a Gentile (ironic) and a lawyer. When he addresses Felix, he begins by flattering him with praise about his reforms and the “peace” they enjoy. This was utter nonsense!

Antonius Felix is remembered today for his cruelty, bribe-taking, and general corruption; and the crime rate soared under his reign in Judea. When he went back to Rome after his tenure, he was accused of using a dispute between Jews and Syrians to murder and pillage numbers of the people of Caesarea. He escaped prosecution thanks to his brother, Marcus Antonius Pallas, who had been the secretary of treasury to Emperor Claudius.

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