Amaziah’s Rise and Fall – 2 Chronicles 25

English: Amasias was the king of Judah, the so...

English: Amasias was the king of Judah, the son and successor of Joash. Русский: Амасия — царь Иудеи (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After Joash was executed, his son Amaziah took over as king at the age of 25. Once in power, he avenged his father’s death by executing his servants who had participated. The text says that he did not kill their children, citing Deuteronomy 24:16. he assembled a large army and then recruited warriors from Israel, paying them in advance. But a prophet came and told him not to kllet them fight with his men because God was not with the Israelites. So he sent them home, and they were angry because of it.

 Amaziah took his men from Judah and Benjamin and they went down to the Valley of Salt and struck down 10, 000 men of Seir, capturing 10,000 more (who they subsequently executed). But while they were gone, the Israelites he had sent home raided Judah, killing 3,000 and taking much spoil.  Meanwhile, Amaziah had brought back idols from the Edomites he had defeated at Seir; and he became guilty of idolatry. When a prophet came to chastise him, Amaziah threatened him. The prophet then told him that God would destroy him for his iniquity.
Amaziah sent word to the king of Israel that they should meet face to face in battle. The king, also named Joash tried to dissuade him, saying “Why should you provoke trouble so that you fall, you and Judah with you?” They did do battle, and Israel defeated them, capturing Amaziah and looting Jerusalem. Amaziah escaped to Lachish after a time, but was killed and brought back to be buried.

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