Herod Agrippa Loses Peter and His Life – Acts 12

Coin minted by Herod Agrippa I.

Coin minted by Herod Agrippa I. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After Peter was rescued from prison by the angel, he went to the house of Mary, the mother of John Mark (verse 12). Many scholars believe that Peter had a deep friendship with John Mark, and that Peter was instrumental in his writing the Gospel of Mark. A great many of the church members were gathered there. At first, none of them believed the servant girl when she said that it was Peter at the gate. When they opened it, he cautioned them to be silent, then told them how he had been freed from prison. As he left, he told them to tell James (this James would be the Lord’s brother) and the brothers what had happened.

When it was discovered that Peter was gone, Herod had the sentries executed. The he went to Caesarea, where verses 20-23 describe the events of his death, relating that an angel of the Lord struck him down and in the end “he was eaten by worms.” Some suggest that both he and his grandfather died of Fournier’s gangrene, but the Scripture gives no other information that would verify this. His vanity and acceptance of the praise proclaiming him to be a god led to his death. Another purpose was served though, as he had already proved to be a dangerous enemy to the apostles.

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