Saul Preaches Christ as the Son of God – Acts 9

In verses 19-20, we find the man who had ravaged the church and approved of the deaths of Christians, including that of Stephen  preaching in the synagogue and declaring that Jesus is the Son of God. This naturally amazed and bewildered a great many people. Such a turnaround in such a short time must have been difficult to comprehend.

Saul_basket_090814Verse 22 says that he “confounded the Jews who lived in Damascus by proving that Jesus was the Christ.” How was Saul proving that Jesus was that Messiah that they had awaited so long? He was filed with the Spirit, and he was using the Scripture. He had the eyewitness accounts of the apostles. And now, he had his own account of what had happened to him, which would be very convincing as he declared that Jesus (whose very name he had despised) was Lord and Christ.

But not everyone was happy about Saul’s conversion. Verse 23 says that the Jews were plotting to kill him. The Jews referred to, we can naturally assume, were the chief priests and scribes — some of whom for which he had acquired letters in Jerusalem giving him authority to arrest Christians.  Now they watched the gates day and night waiting to kill him. But his disciples helped him escape quietly, lowering Saul in a basket through an opening in the wall. His time in Damascus, for now, was coming to an end.

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