Philip Preaches in Samaria – Acts 8

English: This is a map of first century Iudaea...

English: This is a map of first century Iudaea Province that I created using Illustrator CS2. I traced this image for the general geographic features. I then manually input data from maps found in a couple of sources. Robert W. Funk and the Jesus Seminar. The Acts of Jesus. HarperSanFrancisco: 1998. p. xxiv. Michael Grant. Jesus: An Historian’s Review of the Gospels. Charles Scribner’s Sons: 1977. p. 65-67. John P. Meier. A Marginal Jew. Doubleday: 1991. p. 1:434. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Now that the church had scattered to escape the persecution in Jerusalem, one of the places some of them went was Samaria. The Samaritans had long been shunned by the Jews, so the significance should not be overlooked. This was the beginning of evangelism in its purest form. People who held no “office” or position in the church were teaching and preaching the gospel. Philip was one of those first seven that had been chosen a deacons, and he also was teaching in Samaria.

Having been given authority by the laying on of hands by the apostles, Philip was casting out demons, healing the sick and the lame, and (most importantly) preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. Verse 8 says that there was much joy in the city because of the work that he was doing. There was also a man there named Simon, who had practiced manic of some sort. He had amazed the people and had commanded much attention from them because of it. many believed and were baptized.


Simon himself was one of those who were baptized, and afterward he stayed with Philip, and was amazed because of the miracles that Philip performed. But before being converted, he had convinced the people that he was himself someone very special – and he also evidently believed that to be the case.


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