Sanhedrin Releases Peter and John – Acts 4

English: Illustration in 1883 encyclopaedia of...

English: Illustration in 1883 encyclopaedia of the ancient Jewish Sanhedrin council (from Greek synedrion, synhedrion) Русский: Иллюстрация в старинной энциклопедии заседание Синедриона (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peter’s speech to the Sanhedrin left them in a state of astonishment. Neither Peter nor John were educated men, and they knew it. Yet, Peter had spoken not only eloquently, but had demonstrated his knowledge of scripture as well. To further complicate matters for the Sanhedrin, the formerly lame man who was present was over 40 years old. He was well-known by all to have been lame, so there was no denying the fact that a miracle had been done.

We must not overlook either that by this time, all of the priests, as well as the Sanhedrin council itself, was aware that Jesus had been resurrected. Not only did they have the apostles all proclaiming it and baptizing people in Jesus’ name, but the problem with the empty tomb was there – and the leaders had already paid those who had been guarding it to lie about what happened (Matthew 28:13-15).

And just as Jesus had attracted supporters upon His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, there were conversions being made by baptism in staggering numbers. If the Sanhedrin had been afraid to arrest Jesus in the light of day, they were even more afraid to harm these two, when so many already knew very well what they had done for this lame man. They warned Peter and John not to speak or teach in the name of Jesus anymore.

But the two of them answered that they would obey God rather than these men. The best that the council could do then was threaten them again before releasing them. The people were openly praising God for what the two apostles had done for the lame man.

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