Mustard Seed Faith – (Luke 17)

English: Mustard seeds by David Turner Februar...

English: Mustard seeds by David Turner February 23, 2005 Edited by Consequencefree to replace the coin with an SI measurement reference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the opening verses of chapter 17, Jesus acknowledges that temptations are a part of life. But He warns about those who tempt others to sin. He repeats the thought of verse two in Matthew 18:6 and also in Mark 9:42. Particularly in Matthew, He seems to be talking about those who would cause children to stumble; and certainly the application is valid there as well. But He is, more to the point, speaking about those who are innocent – those who are trying to do what is right, as well as what we would call people who are babes in Christ. A horrible physical death as He describes here would be better than the eternal punishment that is for those who corrupt them .

The statement in verse 6 that Jesus makes about faith is a hyperbole. Jesus is not suggesting that we should expect to perform miraculous deeds because of our faith. Faith has great power indeed – if it is used according to God’s will. The trouble is usually with the strength of our faith. Peter was able to walk on water for a while, as Jesus willed him to. But when the storm surged against him, his faith faltered. And so it usually goes with all of us.

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