Organization of David’s Kingdom – 1 Chronicles 27

As we can see David’s time coming to an end, his preparations for Solomon’s reign continues now beyond the Levites and into the military. The army mentioned here is not David’s more official force, but is best described as a very large citizen militia, consisting of 12 divisions of 24,000 men.

Samuel anoints David, Dura Europos, Syria, Dat...

Samuel anoints David, Dura Europos, Syria, Date: 3rd c. AD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The leaders of the tribes that are listed in verses 16-22 may be from the ranks of elders. We are not told. Nor are we given a reason for the omission of the tribes of Gad and Asher. Interestingly, “Aaron” is listed as a tribe in verse 17. The Lord’s wrath over the census that Joab ended up not finishing (2 Samuel 24:1-17) is only briefly mentioned in verse 24.

Verses 25-31 list 12 administrators over David’s treasuries, corporate workers of the field, and vast amounts of property. David and his kingdom were at a high point of wealth. Among the counselors and friends listed in verses 32-34 are Hushai and Ahithophel. No mention is made of Hushai’s role in David’s victory over Absalom (2 Samuel 15:32-37, 2 Samuel 16:15-17:16), nor of Ahithophel’s betrayal in that same ordeal.

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