Gatekeepers and Treasurers – 1 Chronicles 26

Among the Levites, the gatekeepers had the responsibility first and foremost of protecting the sanctuary from unlawful or unauthorized entry and defilement from such practices as idolatry. Their duties also included taking care of the temple treasuries and dedicated gifts, as well as maintenance of the building (as detailed in 1 Chronicles 9:22-32). It was likely this group that Hezekiah assembled to cleanse the temple in 2 Chronicles 29:3-11.

Ark of the Covenant.

Ark of the Covenant.

Among the gatekeepers were the families of Meshelemiah, Hoash, and Obed-edom. This is surely the same Obed-edom whose house the ark was to after the failed first attempt. It had remained there for three months (1 Chronicles 13:13-14, 2 Samuel 6:10-12).  This is significant in that Obed-edom was a Gittite (a resident of Gath). Was he a Gittite by birth geographically, but genealogically an Israelite? The Bible is silent about his participation, but we do know that the passages just cited say that God blessed his household and all that he had when the ark was left in his care. Where the Lord is concerned, that is enough.

The treasurers were from the sons of Gershom, Ladan, and other Kohathites. There were two separate treasuries that were kept near the gates. One contained the offerings and tithes of the people, while the other contained the spoils taken in battle and certain other dedicated gifts, such as  those dedicated by Samuel, Saul, David, and his commanders. The Izharites and Hebronites were appointed to oversee the territories of the Reubenites, Gadites, Manassites, and other areas west of the Jordan.

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