A Big Undertaking – 1 Chronicles 22

David had been forbidden to build a “house” for the Lord (verse 8, 1 Kings 5:3) because he had “shed much blood and waged great wars.”  The point of this was not that God held David to have done wrong in waging these wars. After all, much of it was accomplished with God’s help. It makes the most sense, though, that the perception of David was that of a warrior; and by those outside the kingdom, perhaps (incorrectly) a ruthless warrior at that. A temple built by David for the Lord would remind outsiders of any other temple for a false god.


Michelangelo david solomon

Michelangelo david solomon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Much of the rest of this chapter in not found in the Books of Samuel. While Solomon was still too young (and before David became too old), David desired to get things prepared, so that Solomon could be ready to build it whenever he came of age. He gathered the foreigners that lived in Israel for labor. He then brought in innumerable cedar timbers, had iron made into nails and gates, and provided great quantities of bronze.


Then he called for Solomon, and gave him his charge concerning the temple. David emphasized to Solomon how important it was to keep to the law of Moses. Then David said “Be strong and courageous. Fear not; do not be dismayed.” This reminds of the words Moses spoke to Joshua as he “passed the torch” to him in Deuteronomy 31:6. With God’s help, David had subdued all of the nation’s enemies and secured the land. Now Solomon could rule in peace and build the temple.


David told him that he provided 100, 000 talents of gold, and a million talents of silver, along with all of the bronze and iron. The measure of a talent has historically been somewhat inconsistent. But here, it is generally thought to be about 75 lbs per talent. Peace, prosperity, and preparation were David’s gifts to his son for this monumental task. But he would not be alone. David commanded all of the leaders to help his son. And of course, there was God.


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