Men of a Single Mind

English: Statue of King David by Nicolas Cordi...

English: Statue of King David by Nicolas Cordier in the Borghese Chapel of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. Français : Statue du roi David par Nicolas Cordier, dans la chapelle Borghèse de la basilique Sainte-Marie Majeure. Italiano: Statua del re Davide di Nicolas Cordier, nella Capella Borghese della Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Roma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The information contained in chapter 12 of 1 Chronicles is not found anywhere else in the Scriptures. It begins with a remembrance of the time when David was at Ziklag, and many mighty men joined him as warriors. We learn here many were Gadites, and that some of them even came from Saul’s own tribe – the Benjaminites. All were described as mighty warriors, and verse 14 says that the Gadites “were officers of the army; the least was a match for a hundred men and the greatest for a thousand.”  


When the men from Benjamin and Judah came, David questioned whether their loyalties to Saul would result in his betrayal. The chief of them, Amasai, had divine guidance it seems, as his words were those of a prophet:


“We are yours, O David,
and with you, O son of Jesse!
Peace, peace to you,
and peace to your helpers!
For your God helps you.”


Verse 19 continues with some defections by the tribe of Manasseh, and then verse 23 jumps ahead about seven years to “the present” as David is about to be crowned king. There were literally thousands of warriors that came to David from all over the twelve tribes to pledge their loyalty, and to celebrate the new kingship. In fact, the chronicler says “all the rest of Israel were of a single mind to make David king.” It was a proud and unified time in the history of God’s people.


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