The Province of Yehud

As we come to the end of the genealogies of the first few chapters of 1 Chronicles, it should be apparent that beyond the main purpose that we discussed for preserving genealogies, there are other considerations. Although the exiles were free now, Judah (Yehud) was now just a small province of the Persian Empire. The meticulous detail that the chronicler documented also served to preserve a sense of heritage for the people that they desperately needed as a collective.

English: English translation of hebrew version...

English: English translation of hebrew version. Map of the twelve tribes of Israel, before the move of Dan to the North (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chapter 7 takes up just 40 verses to present some detail on the remaining tribes, and then chapter 8 begins with the genealogy of Saul from the tribe of Benjamin. Although Benjamin was already covered to some degree in chapter 7, this extra attention is warranted, not just because Saul came from that tribe. Together with the Levites, the tribes of Judah and Benjamin (along with some from Ephraim and Manasseh) make up the “lion’s share” of the post-exile core of Jerusalem (see Ezra 1:5, Nehemiah 11:4-9, 1 Chronicles 9:3).

Chapter 9 closes these genealogies with a reprisal of some of Saul’s roots, which account is preceded by some details of those who had various duties – particularly priests and Levites, with attention to gatekeepers, Levitical singers and musicians, and those with other temple duties.

With this section of the chronicles completed, we will begin next in chapter 10 with a very short chapter consisting of nothing more of Saul’s reign than its end. Then, the anointing of David as king will kick off the “meat and potatoes,” which is the rest of the Chronicles.

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