Psalm 78:25-49 – The Bread of Angels

When the people begged for meat, God sent clouds of quail, but with it he sent a plague (Numbers 11:31-35).

When the people begged for meat, God sent clouds of quail, but with it he sent a plague (Numbers 11:31-35).

Today we take verses 25-49 of this historical psalm, which begins with a lovely poetic section on the way the Lord fed His people in the desert, despite their constant complaints. The first part of this is about the manna, which the scripture calls “the bread of angels.” Then it moves on to when the Lord caused the wind to rain down the quail for meat for them to eat (Numbers 11:31-32):

Man ate of the bread of the angels;
He sent them food in abundance.

He caused the east wind to blow in the heavens,
and by his power he led out the south wind;
He rained meat on them like dust,
winged birds like the sand of the seas;

Verses 31-40 re-tell the story of how even after this, the people grumbled against God. His angered kindled again, He sent a plague, and as it ravaged them they began to repent, and flattered Him with their mouths. But they lied with their tongues (verse 36). Still, He was compassionate to them, though they tested Him time and again in the desert (verses 40-41). But as verses 42-49 complete this section, they forgot all that He had done with His power in the signs with which He had dealt with the Egyptians before they were freed (Exodus 7-12).

Read or listen to audio of ESV version of this selection from this link.

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