Psalm 106:1-23 – The Mighty Deeds of the Lord

Psalm 106 is the last psalm in Book 4 of the psalms, and is recited on the second day of passover in some traditions. It is one of about twenty psalms that are classified as “historical psalms.” It is also included often with the “Hallelujah Psalms,” as it begins and ends with “Praise the Lord!” We will look today at the first 23 verses.

Pharoah's army swallowed up.

Pharoah’s army swallowed up.

Verses 1-6 begin with words of praise for God, blessings for the righteous, a plea for God to look in favor upon the psalmist when the people of Israel return to his favor, and finally in verse 6, an admission of the sins of the people currently. This is followed by a recounting of the good things God has done for them and their fathers, and the repeated sins by Israel against God.

Verses 7-12 refer to the parting of the Red Sea and more of God’s miracles and saving grace, which were repaid by the rebellion of the people against Him (Exodus 14). Verses 13-14 recount how Israel put the Lord to the test in the desert (Numbers 14). The “wasting disease” referred to in verse 15 is from Numbers 11:33-35. In verses 16-18, the jealousy against Moses and Aaron and the resulting fire and the earth opening and swallowing them up come from Numbers 16:31-35.

Verses 19-23 conclude this section with the telling of the betrayal by the people in the Golden Calf incident of Exodus 32, and the fact that they were saved from God’s wrath over this only because of the intercession of Moses, for He surely was ready to destroy them and start all over with Moses.

Read or listen to audio of ESV version of this selection from this link.

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