Job 37 – By the Breath of God

waterfall_003Chapter 37 brings the conclusion of Elihu’s speech, and (thankfully, one might say) the end of the speeches of all of Job’s companions. Like in the last chapter, Elihu has much to say about God and about His power that are appropriate in their awe for God, but not so in the context of the situation.

Again, Elihu uses his knowledge of the world (so fond is he of using examples of the weather, one would think he might be some sort of teacher) to attempt to validate his assessment of Job’s guilt. Although, God will in the next chapter pick up some of Elihu’s ideas in His questioning of Job, one should not take that to signify God’s approval of Elihu’s speech. It is, however, beautiful poetry; and it provides great imagery and material for prayer, as well as praise to God, as shown in this snip from verses 10-13:

By the breath of God ice is given,
and the broad waters are frozen fast.
He loads the thick cloud with moisture;
the clouds scatter his lightning.

They turn around and around by his guidance,
to accomplish all that he commands them
on the face of the habitable world.
Whether for correction or for his land
or for love, he causes it to happen

Read or listen to audio of ESV version of this selection from this link.

/Bob’s boy
some images © V. Gilbert & Arlisle F. Beers

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