Job 32 – Elihu Rebukes Job’s Three Friends

The Wrath of Elihu, from the Butts set. Pen an...

The Wrath of Elihu, from the Butts set. Pen and black ink, gray wash, and watercolour, over traces of graphite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Chapter 32, we are introduced to a new character – Elihu. We are not told exactly when he joined the company of job and his three friends, but he has apparently been listening for some time. So far, this one has not said anything because he is younger in age than all of the others present, including Job. So out of respect for them, and in anticipation of hearing some wisdom, he has remained silent.

Elihu does not say much in this chapter, but he has more to say in the coming chapters. Mostly, he is angry with Job for being “wise in his own eyes,” and angry at the three because they have nothing wise to say to refute him. One writer said of Elihu’s entire speeches that it was nothing but a lot of “rigamarole.” Apparently, the Lord did not have much higher of an opinion, as we shall see in later chapters that He says “Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?”

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