Job 31 – Job’s Final Appeal

English: Job's Sons and Daughters Overwhelmed ...

English: Job’s Sons and Daughters Overwhelmed by Satan, by William Blake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This chapter is the last part of the trilogy of Job’s last speech that was started in chapter  29. He begins in verses 1-4 with testimony that he has not been guilty of lust. He follows that by further referring to his truthfulness, and the fact that he has not committed adultery (verses 4-12). He attests to his good treatment of his servants, generosity with sojourners, and compassion for the poor and needy. In verses 35-37, he again states his wish that his offenses would be numbered, so that he could make a full accounting of his actions – in order to refute the charges, of course.

All of this does indeed serve to show that Job has always behaved in a manner than reflects high moral and ethical standards. And he is very believable, if for no other reason than the fact that he calls for more curses upon himself if it can be shown that he has not done so. People of those times would never make such brash statements if they were indeed guilty. And to Job’s credit, he gives godly reason for his own godly behavior – “What would be my portion from God above and my heritage from the Almighty on high?”

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