Song of Solomon 3 – The Bride’s Dream

The third chapter finds the bride in her bed at night with what we must suppose is a dream, filled with erotic thoughts and desires, and anxious inquisitiveness concerning the whereabouts of her beloved. The theory of a separate shepherd boy being the object of her true desires is clearly shown to be wrong, as her beloved has sent watchmen for her in this dream – and she herself has inquired of them as to his whereabouts. What would such watchmen have to do with a shepherd boy? The girl mentions Solomon by name no less that three times here, and what purpose would God have for using the Scripture to celebrate any adulterous desires on her part anyway?

Dream of Solomon

Dream of Solomon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She refers to Solomon as the one “whom my soul loves,” and finding him in that dream, she holds him close, bringing him into her mother’s house. But again in verse 5, she wishes not to “stir up or awaken love until it pleases.” Then, in a very public display of pomp, circumstance, and romantic affection, Solomon has her escorted by sixty of the kingdom’s mighty men onward to their nuptials. It is here that we are reminded of his words about enjoying “life with the wife whom you love” (Ecclesiastes 9:9)

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