Ecclesiastes 10 – Wisdom and Folly

At first reading, chapter 10 seems a little out of place. All of these proverbs look like they belong in a different book. But the theme of the chapter is the same as some previous chapters, and most of the proverbs relate to two contrasting things – wisdom and folly. Verse 4 seems to encourage those who serve in a position close to authority to stand their ground with gentleness under adversity. The evil “under the sun” Solomon speaks of in verse 5 refers to the fact that “fools”often are put in places of high position. One should not assume a person in such a position necessarily knows what they are doing.


English: Ecclesiastes, (קֹהֶלֶת, Kohelet, &quo...

English: Ecclesiastes, (קֹהֶלֶת, Kohelet, “son of David, and king in Jerusalem” alias Solomon, Wood engraving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Verses 8-9 remind us that those who plan evil often fall victim to such things. Verse 10 indicates the value of working smarter – not harder. The wise man will take the time to sharpen the saw, whereas the fool struggles with the dull instrument. The remainder of the chapter deals with the proper conduct of those in authority, but verse 20 warns that one’s lips can easily get one into trouble when it comes to voicing unfavorable opinions of those in power. Better to not gossip in the first place.


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