Psalm 119:89-96; Psalm 52 – The Steadfast Love of God Endures

lamedhToday’s stanza of Psalm 119 is brought to you by the letter Lamedh, the twelfth letter of the Aleph-bet.  It’s pictographic representation is that of a shepherd’s staff.  This stanza praises God for his perfection that is without limits, and for His enduring faithfulness to His promises throughout all generations.

Psalm 52 is a song of David that, according to the superscript, was written when Doeg the Edomite had betrayed David, lied to Saul, and slaughtered the priests of Nob ( Psalm 22:6-20).  Verse one would seem to be a very sarcastic statement concerning Doeg being a mighty man, as the act certainly displayed extreme cowardice.  Verses 2-4 refer to Doeg’s false report to Saul.  Ahimelech had been led by David to believe that he was on the king’s business (1 Samuel 21:1-3), yet Doeg reported it as a conspiracy between the two (1 Samuel 22:9-10).

The remainder of the psalm praises God for His righteousness and justice, declaring that people like Doeg will get their just rewards for their works of destruction.  But David expresses his confidence in trusting in God – that the faithful, who wait on Him will be vindicated and cared for.

Read or listen to audio of ESV version of this selection from this link.

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