Exhausted and Overwhelmed

Monday started out bad, and things got worse.  My wife, having just recovered from a previous surgery (mostly) was suddenly scheduled for day surgery on Friday that she really needed months ago.  The first surgery had been more important, and had to heal first; but now it was time and had to be done.  But a dear friend had died unexpectedly, and we had to work a funeral into the week.  And since the family was close, we needed to host the post-funeral gathering for food at our home.  No problem.  Good people offered to help out.  But our cooktop had gone out.  Time to call for help.  Then I get to work and discover I am on (24/7) call.

A wonderful man who runs a wonderful repair company took pity on us and sends his best man out on very short notice the morning of the funeral.  The job ended up being much more than a simple repair.  But when most companies would have apologetically had us waiting for parts, and another service call, they had us going in a little over four hours.  The next day was mid-week services, bringing the grandchildren to Bible classes after work. By the time Friday got there, day surgery ended up being an overnight stay – and I had committed to baby-sitting Saturday night.  Wife was finally released Saturday afternoon with 25 minutes to get to the pharmacy before they closed with 3 grandchildren in tow.  Made it.

Neither my wife, nor myself were prepared for the level of pain and immobility she is having.  But I was able to get someone to care for my wife  long enough to make it to worship Sunday morning with the grandchildren.  Then I served a nice lunch to about a dozen people afterward, while caring for my wife all day.  Now I discover that I sent out today’s blog yesterday.

So what else did I miss?  Have not taken the time to Really pray fervently to God for His care today.  I am blessed with a good job, a wife that I cannot imagine life without, grandchildren that I adore, a home that is more than adequate, brethren who care about us, and a Savior that cared enough to give His life for me.  Wow.  I need a verse from James.  How about 5:11:

“…you have seen the purpose of the Lord, how the Lord is compassionate and merciful.”

/Bob’s boy
image © V. Gilbert & Arlisle F. Beers

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