Psalm 119:17-24, Psalm 11 – A Sojourner on the Earth

Today’s reading of Psalm 119 begins with verse 17 and begins each line with the letter gimel.   The psalmist calls upon the lord to “deal bountifully” with him – knowing that he is undeserving and asks for his grace and mercy.  He acknowledges that this world is not his home (John 15:19).  He is just passing through. He says the Lord rebukes the insolent accursed ones, these would be the unfaithful.  The princes that plot against him are rulers among God’s people that might plot against him Though we do not know the author, one could apply this to many as in Daniel 6:4.  They tried to find something to charge him with, but could not.

Saul anointed king by Samuel.

Saul anointed king by Samuel.

Some have seen Psalm 11 as the advice to David  to flee, probably from Saul to the mountains.  He may have been advised to do so by those surrounding him, which is where the question comes.  That is about as good of a guess as any, but it has also been suggested that this was from David’s plight in 1 Samuel 23:9-14, when he had asked the Lord if the men of Keilah would surrender him to Saul.  When he was told of this, he prayed to God , and God told him they indeed would surrender him.

His friends had advised him of the impending attack, and were moved for him to hide himself in the hills.  But he had done so, he could have been guilty of not trusting the Lord following his prayer.  We can guess that under the lawless rule of Saul, the very foundations of society and of moral order were viewed as swept away. Then he recognizes that the Lord is in his holy temple (Habakuk 2:20).  He sees the righteous and will deal with the wicked.  The “upright shall behold his face” should be understood as to see Him as He is (1 John 3:2).

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