Psalm 119:9-16; Psalm 2 – Guarding Our Hearts By His Word

Note: Every Monday in 2013, along with another short chapter from the Book of Psalms, we are reading a stanza from Psalm 119.

Isaac Watts.

Isaac Watts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s reading of the second stanza, or strophe, of Psalm 119 is brought to you by the letter “Beth” or “Bet.”  The pictograph for this letter is of a house, and the letter is recognizable in several biblical places – such as Bethel (house of God), Bethlehem (house of bread), and Bethesda (house of grace).  The great Isaac Watts hymn “How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts” is based on these verses.

In verses 9-10, the author calls upon the Lord to help him live his life according to God’s word because he realizes that only by giving our whole hearts to His will can we make our way through life remaining holy and pure from the world.   The emphasis in verse 11 is on thorough study of God’s word (storing it in our hearts). This was done by many of God’s people then by memorizing these psalms in days when the written word was of God was not so readily available as it is today.   We are encouraged to value His word as some would value riches, and mediate on what the Lord wants from us (verses 14-15).  We are to share His word with others (verse 13), and by our deeds make known that we delight in doing so because of His care for us (verses 13, 16).

Psalm 2 is one of the Messianic (sometimes called “royal”) psalms.  It starts out with the declaration of the foolishness of those who will reject God and His “anointed.”   We even see the actions of verse three today, as people in leadership positions, or who are considered wise, claim to be freeing people from “bonds” by having them reject God and His Son.  And though even entire nations rebel against Him, God will bring His judgment upon them in His time (verses 4-5).

Verse 6 prophesies the Messiah coming to His “holy hill” – Jerusalem.  Verse 7 is in the voice of the Messiah declaring that God is pleased with His Son, which is fulfilled in Matthew 3:17.  Verse 8 erases any doubt that these verses may be speaking of David as king, rather than being about the Messiah.  Verses 10-12 are a warning to rulers and leaders of nations that they should lead people in service to God, but these are often the very same people who lead others astray.

Read or listen to audio of ESV version of this selection from this link.

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