Proverbs 4 – A Father’s Wise Instruction

Father reads the Scriptures from a scroll to his family as the mother prepares food to eat.

Father reads the Scriptures from a scroll to his family as the mother prepares food to eat.

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The assumption by some that these words from Solomon were ever intended solely for his own sons is completely shattered in verse one.  In the same sentence that he calls upon the reader (“O sons”) to hear, just exactly what they are to hear is said to be “a father’s instruction” – not your father’s instruction.  He then goes on to say how he received his own instruction from his father.  The Book of Proverbs is replete with the conveyance of the importance of the instruction given to children by a father and a mother.  But the message here is more than that.  It is the timeless wisdom passed on through generations both by earthly father to father, and by our heavenly Father.  God has made Himself known to all, both by His word and through the knowledge that He reveals to us daily in the world He created (Romans 1:18-20, Psalm 19:1-2).

Verse 7 may seem difficult to understand at first, but it simply means that in order to acquire wisdom, we have to work at it.  We have knowledge freely available to us, but wisdom only comes from searching through that knowledge for understanding – insight – and applying it to our lives.  This is true of worldly wisdom, and of the wisdom that comes to us by reverence for our Creator (“fear of the Lord”).  The wisdom and understanding both comes from, and leads to, the pursuit of a righteous and godly way of living, increasing its effectiveness in our lives as we gain it (verses 10-13).

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