Proverbs 2 – The Value of Wisdom

English: Judgement of Solomon

English: Judgement of Solomon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is generally thought by many that Solomon in these verses that contain the words “my son” is addressing his direct offspring in particular.  While that may certainly be the case, it is good to remember that these are the Spirit-inspired words of God; and they are meant for sons (and daughters) descended from this Davidic line (and that of Abraham) which includes all Christians, as confirmed in Galatians 3:29.

The seeking of wisdom that is being referred to in the verses here is done by getting to know God by studying His word.  If we diligently and earnestly seek that knowledge like the treasure that it is (verse 4), we will gain the understanding that we need.  But it takes more than that – we must apply it to our lives – holding fast and cherishing our integrity like a treasure as well (verse 7), for it is that sort of life, coupled with the thirst for knowledge of Him, that will bring wisdom into our hearts and make that knowledge pleasant to our souls (verse 10).  If we live in an upright manner, with integrity (verse 21) , we will have a home – in heaven – forever.

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