Opening Acts \ Week 37 summary posted

English: Papyrus fragment of the 9th century w...

English: Papyrus fragment of the 9th century written in Serto variant. A passage from the Acts of the Apostles is recognizable. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All through this year, we have read through God’s word with the promise of the Messiah.  Jesus came and fulfilled the prophecies we have read, and last week we read of His crucifixion and resurrection.  Now what?  Now, we turn the page to the book of Acts – traditionally called “The Acts of the Apostles.”  The book begins with Jesus’ last conversation with the Apostles.   Then as promised, the Holy Spirit comes to help them with the beginning of the church and the work of the Great Commission.

Summing Up

Each weekend, I am now posting a small PDF of one week of chapter summaries (on the website’s “Summaries” page), current to the beginning of the previous week.  I have posted the summary for Week 37 (September Week 2) of the schedule I am following.  This short PDF document contains condensed comments about John 15, 16, 17, 18, and Matthew 26, with hyperlinks to the ESV version of each chapter for listening or reading, and joins the summaries for other weeks already posted there.

/Bob’s boy
image © V. Gilbert & Arlisle F. Beers

Please note: I did not design the reading plan that I am following in my blog.  All of my comments in this blog, however, are solely my responsibility.  When reading ANY commentary, you should ALWAYS refer first to the scripture, which is God’s unchanging and unfailing word. Reading schedules, as well as a link to the site where you can get the reading plan that I’m currently following for yourself can be found on the “Bible Reading Schedules” page of my website at  For questions and help, please see the “FAQ” and “Summaries” pages there.


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