Genesis 7 – Global Flood!

The day has finally arrived. God commands Noah to go into the Ark with the other 7 members of his family and shuts them in with the animals. Then he opened up the “fountains of the great deep” and “the windows of the heavens” (v 11) for 40 days. The waters prevailed on the face of the earth 150 days (v 24), but that was not the end of it, as we will see in chapter 8.

Many have tried to say that this was just a local flood, but that simply is not the case. Note in verse 20 that the mountains were covered 15 cubits deep. Secondly, if it was not a global flood, why would God have Noah build this massive Ark at all? Just tell him where to travel to for safety! Also, there would be no need to include the birds. If it was just a local flood, the birds could fly and land on dry ground or trees in another location. No, this was a global flood of catastrophic proportions that we can see evidence of even today when we look at it honestly.  Note again that “Noah did all that the Lord had commanded him”.

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